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Home for Home: House 2 Update

The Patrick Lilly Team is thrilled to announce the completion of a second home in Sumpango, Guatemala.

The Estrada Asturias Family had been living in a room on Margarita’s mother-in-law’s property measuring 6X15 meters. They have one wooden bed, two chairs, two plastic boxes where they keep their clothes and some blankets and pillows. They cook using wood that they collect from the fields. They share basic utilities with other relatives; running water, electricity and sewage.

Margarita works in the fields harvesting carrots and other vegetables. She earns around Q40 ($5) per day. Sometimes Carlos (not pictured) and Yuli work along with their mother to help her with household expenses. Neither are in school. Margarita’s husband died 9 years ago from pneumonia.

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