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Selecting an Agent












Sellers often interview several agents before selecting one professional with whom to work. These interviews offer a good opportunity to consider such issues as training, experience, communication skills and professional certifications.


Once you select an agent you will want to establish a proper business relationship. You likely know that some agents represent sellers while others represent buyers. Each agent should explain the options available, describe how he or she typically works with individuals and provide you with complete agency disclosures (the ins and outs of your relationship with the agent) as required in New York. Once hired for the job, the agent will provide you with information detailing current market conditions, financing options and negotiating issues that might apply to a given situation.


Remember: Because market conditions can change and the strategies that apply in one negotiation may be inappropriate in another, this information should not be set in stone. During your time in the marketplace, your agent will keep you updated and alert you to each step in the transaction process.


Questions To Ask Before Listing


Choosing the right Realtor to sell your home can be difficult, especially when they all sound so convincing. The following list of questions will not only help you select the right Realtor, but will also help you get the very best from the agent you choose.


  1. Do you work as a full-time Realtor?

  2. Do you handle incoming property inquiries?

  3. How many listings do you have at this time, and how does this work to my benefit?

  4. Do you have a help system to see that no details are overlooked?

  5. How many potential buyers and sellers do you speak with each day? Each week? Each year?

  6. In what ways will you encourage other Realtors to sell my home?

  7. Do you have references that I can check?

  8. How will you set my listing apart from the crowd without costing me more money?

  9. What is my property worth? What listing price do you recommend? How did you arrive at that price?

  10. How will you assist in my relocation plans?

  11. Do you have a written plan of action designed specifically to sell my property?

  12. How will you give interested buyers access to my property?

  13. How will you make information on my property available to out-of-town buyers?

  14. How do you promote properties on the Internet?

Selling a property in New York City is a complex matter. Homes differ, as do contract terms, financing options, inspection requirements and closing costs. No two transactions are alike. In this maze of forms, financing, inspections, rent controls, marketing, pricing and negotiating, it makes sense to work with professionals who specialize in NYC real estate.


We would like you to use our services. But please check out the competition. You can find agents by searching open houses, local advertising, Web sites, referrals from other REALTORS, recommendations from neighbors and suggestions from lenders, attorneys, financial planners and CPAs. Or if you prefer, contact us and we will send you a list of other specialists in your neighborhood.

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