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Putnam County 
Cold Spring


Cold Spring is a village in the town of Philipstown. The village is home to 1,986 people and has a total area of just 0.6 square miles. The central area of the village is on the National Register of Historic Places as the Cold Spring Historic District due to its many well-preserved 19th-century buildings, constructed to accommodate workers at the nearby West Point Foundry (itself a Registered Historic Place today).

​The village, located in the Hudson Highlands, sits at the deepest point of the Hudson River, directly across from West Point. Cold Spring serves as a weekend getaway for many residents of New York City.

Cold Spring’s main street attracts tourists in all seasons. Retail, restaurants, and nearby walks and hikes draw visitors from the region with ferry service providing transportation for tourists in autumn. The Foundry Preserve Trail is an easy in-town walk, while the trailheads to the north offer more rigorous options including Breakneck Ridge.

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Points of Interest 

  • Bannerman Castle -  Whether you kayak/canoe yourself over to the island or take one of their guided tours, visit this tiny jewel in the setting of the Hudson Highlands. 

  • Stonecrop Gardens -  At its windswept elevation of 1,100 feet,  Stonecrop covers approximately 15 acres and incorporates a diverse collection of gardens and plants. Included are woodland and water gardens, a grass garden, raised alpine stone beds cliff rock gardens, an enclosed English-style flower garden, a conservatory, and a display alpine house. 

  • Breakneck Ridge Loop  - Despite its relatively short length, this is generally considered to be the most strenuous hike in the East Hudson Highlands. It involves steep climbs over rock ledges  and you'll need to use both your hands and your feet in many places along the way. The climb offers views of Bannerman's Castle, Storm King Mountain, and panoramic river views. 



The hamlet of Garrison is part of the town of Philipstown. Garrison has a population of about 4,400 and has a total area of approximately 16 square miles. 


The hamlet's 900 single family residences are spread among rolling fields and forested hills laced with winding roads, many deliberately unpaved. This rural character is among Garrison’s defining features, prized by residents and supported by zoning regulations. Approximately 35 percent of Garrison’s land is permanently protected, partly as town- and state-owned parks and preserves, partly through easements held by conservation organizations.

​The tiny riverfront hub called Garrison’s Landing was once a loading dock for 18th-century farmers. In 1968, it provided the backdrop for the Yonkers scenes from the film “Hello, Dolly!” Today, it is home to the train station, the Garrison Art Center and the Philipstown Depot Theater


Points of Interest 

  • Boscobel House and Gardens - This Historic House Museum contains one of the finest collections of decorative arts, including furniture, from the Federal period. Boscobel offers tours of the Neoclassical mansion and access to 68 acres of our grounds, featuring lush gardens and a woodland trail. Boscobel also hosts lively events, innovative exhibitions, talks by the world’s top design experts, and engaging programs and activities for families.

  • ​Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary - This unique and beautiful tidal marsh serves as vital natural habitat for the Hudson River Estuary. The marsh is a New York State Bird Conservation Area, and there are benches along the hiking trail to take in the marsh habitat, its wildlife, and an unmatched view of the surrounding Hudson River Highlands.

  • Garrison Art Center - With a wide variety of art classes and galleries, Garrison Art Center promotes the creation, exhibition, and enjoyment of art.



Located in the northeast part of  Putnam County, Patterson has a population of about 12,000 and has a total area of 32.9 square miles. 


Patterson offers a variety of recreation opportunities including swimming, fishing or boating in Putnam Lake, skiing at Thunder Ridge, visiting Haviland Hollow Farm (a polo and equestrian facility), and hiking in the 1100+ acre Wonder Lake State Park. 

Metro-North Railroad has rail commuter rail service to New York City via the Harlem Line, with the Patterson train station in the town center.

Points of Interest 

  • Great Swamp Wildlife Management Area - In addition to fishing and bird watching, the WMA offers hunting opportunities for native small game species, waterfowl, white-tailed deer, pheasants, red and gray fox, coyote, beaver, muskrat, mink, and bobcat. The 444 acre WMA is part of the Great Swamp, a 19.8 mile long, 4,202 acre wetland. 

  • ​Fanny Doolittle - This is a treasure trove overflowing with eye candy. They continuously visit gift shows for fresh new items and estate sales for beautiful antiques to bring you an eclectic collection of jewelry, gifts, equestrian collectables, furniture, women’s accessories, and other home decor items.

  • Liberty Paintball -  Sitting on 350 acres of varied terrain, Liberty Paintball has 17 unique playing fields featuring buildings, two and three story towers, helicopters, spaceships, tanks, trenches and more. They are the only playing field in the area with indoor heated facilities, keeping you comfortable in all weather conditions. 

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