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First Time Buyer Services

Buying a home for the first time is an experience intrinsically fraught with both anxiety and excitement.

It usually marks the end of one of life’s phases, requires a major sum of cash upfront, a good job,

and a long-term commitment to monthly mortgage payments. Welcome to the American Dream.


We understand the anxiety inherent in purchasing your first home. It has a lot to do with the simple

fact that this will be a purchase you’ve never shopped for before and one that cannot be replaced

or exchanged as easily as a sound system or a BMW.


We also understand that the purchase is a major emotional, financial, legal process that requires sound advice from professionals, and often the additional approval and/or reassurance from family and friends.


Patrick Lilly Group’s First Time Buyer Program is unique and guides our customers through the whole process. We focus our efforts on the following steps:


  • Pre-Purchase Counseling Session: We review all aspects of the search, providing each prospective buyer an overview that gives first-time purchasers the comfort level of second and third time buyers.

  • Financial Qualification: Working with skilled agents and mortgage brokers, our first time buyers are pre-qualified for both condominium and co-op buildings.

  • Neighborhood Education: Every NYC borough is comprised of many neighborhoods, each of which Manhattan has its own distinctive architectural style and personality. We will help you choose the right one for you.

  • Pre-Screened Apartments Appealing To Our Younger Buyers: We won’t waste your time showing you buildings that may require too much cash down or other assets.

  • Advice On Selecting An Attorney: An experienced, patient, but quick-moving lawyer can move an accepted offer to signed contract smoothly; who is in New York and does 300 – 500 real estate transactions per year. They should charge a fixed fee between $1500 and $5000. We highly recommend using an attorney that specializes in NYC real estate transactions, although any attorney can help  you close an apartment.

  • Practice Completing A Co-Op Board Application: Preparing an attractive and acceptable board package is one of the most time consuming and important steps in purchasing a co-op. Our guidance makes this a smooth, less annoying undertaking.

  • Concierge Service: We won’t abandon you at the closing. Our concierge can assist with hooking up the utilities, getting a mover, etc. Our customers become our neighbors and friends.


For information on how to sign up for Patrick Lilly Team's First Time Buyer Program, please call us at 212-612-9681.

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