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Columbia County 


The town of Chatham in the northern part of the Hudson River Valley consists of North Chatham, East Chatham, Chatham Center, Old Chatham, Chatham village, and Malden Bridge. The charming and quaint town features 19th-century brick buildings, restaurants, shops, and a movie theater. 

Chatham is about two and a half hours from Manhattan and only thirty minutes from the Berkshires. The town is known for its historic homes and beautiful land. The open views and rolling fields are preserved by zoning laws that require subdivided lots to be at least three, five, or ten acres. 
Chatham's historic farmhouses and atmosphere work together to create a lovely town and community to own a home.


Points of Interest 

  • Main St. Goodness - 20 Main St, Chatham - Nothing beats a world-class cup of coffee and slice of pie for breakfast. The community café began as solely a pie company and later transformed into the town's must-stop spot for pastries and sweets in a small-town environment.

  • Chatham Public Library & Clock tower - The library, built-in 1905, features a brilliant original Tiffany window that is a sight to see on a sunny day. The striking clock tower dates back to 1872 and still stands tall at the top of Main Street. 

  • Chatham Brewing - 59 Main St, Chatham - After dining, make a stop in the taproom for an on-tap selection of beers that will make you reconsider every beer you have had before.  



The vibrant upstate town is home to only about 2,000 people. Relatively undiscovered compared to the likes of Chatham or Hudson, Germantown is not to be overlooked. The small-town atmosphere is what makes Germantown so unique. The perfect place to unplug and turn off that smartphone. 

Quick history lesson: "About 13,000 poor Palatines fled to Holland and then to England between May and November 1709, but the British government failed to integrate them successfully. So they transported nearly 3,000 refugees in about a dozen ships to New York in 1710. About 850 families settled in the Valley, primarily in what is now Germantown" (HV Mag). 

A relatively undiscovered town with great history and a tight community - those that live here are proud to call Germantown home. 


Points of Interest 

  • Otto's Market - 215 Main St, Germantown - First opened in 1927. Otto's is the perfect place for breakfast and grocery shopping. Grab a local black seed bagel, homemade egg sandwich, or pastry and then anything else you may want at home, such as - Stumptown coffee, Roberta's frozen pizzas, Jeni's ice cream, and much more. 

  • Clermont State Historic Park - 1 Clermont Ave, Germantown - Once home to seven successive generations of the Livingston family, the park is a reminder of the family's impact on the valley. Visit the four Clermont gardens, and if the weather is nice, enjoy the hiking trails and maybe a picnic amid the scenic landscape.

  • Tousey Winery - 1774 Rte 9, Germantown - The perfect destination for a lazy afternoon. Taste your way through the list of local bottles.



Founded in 1818 and tucked away in the Hudson Valley is this beautiful town called Ghent. The name comes from the Treaty of Ghent signed in 1814 - after the war of 1812 between the US and England. Ghent is centrally located in Colombia County, northeast of Hudson, and is about 45 square miles in size. 

Quiet and away, but not far from any of the more populated neighboring towns. 

Points of Interest 

  • Art Omi - 1405 Co Rte 22, Ghent, NY - This non-profit art organization has built a sanctuary for the artistic community and the public to affirm the transformative art quality. 

  • Hawthorne Valley Farm - 327 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY - The 900 - acre Biodynamic farm is lovely. Try famous raw sauerkraut and ferments, take guided or self-guided tours, and in October, the fall festival is family-friendly and a great way to see what the Hawthorn Valley Farm and Association is all about!

  • Bartlett House - 2258 NY-66, Ghent, NY - Built in 1870, this nationally historic house is like a monument frozen in time, and in 2016 the house was brought back to life with great food and better company. 



Hudson's famous city is located on the west border of Columbia County with a population of nearly 7,000 - the second largest in the county. Hudson was chartered as a city in 1785, soon after the United States achieved independence from Great Britain.


The city is known for its history yet stays upbeat and new with its lively arts scene, restaurants, and nightlife. 

Hudson Photo.jpg

Points of Interest 

  • Warren Street - The grand boulevard of Hudson. It is lined with lovely architecture and storefronts on both sides. Warren Street is home to many 100-plus-year-old buildings, restaurants, shops, antique dealers, and more.

  • Wm Farmer and Sons - 20 S Front St, Hudson, NY - Home to what some say is the best burger in the nation, this exciting restaurant is copper-accented and full of well-dressed diners. Everything from tavern steaks to oysters - the restaurant is romantic and upscale.

  • Helsinki Hudson - 405 Columbia St, Hudson, NY - A leading arts and music venue in the nation. The spot host performers from jazz to rock in an intimate environment. 



Home of the 8th president of the United States, Martin Van Buren, Kinderhook, is one of the most historically significant towns in the Hudson Valley. The name first appeared on the map in 1614 and declared a township in 1687. 

Kinderhook has the highest population of any town in Columbia County at 8,500. The town is home to two villages - Kinderhook and Valatie - and the hamlet of Niverville. 

The hidden gem of Columbia County is full of historic sites, monuments, quality food, and a vibrant main street. 


Points of Interest 

  • Broad Street Bagel Company - 1 Broad St, Kinderhook - Go for a unique variation of classic breakfast sandwiches and start your day strong.

  • Martin Van Buren National Historic Site - T1013 Old Post Rd, Kinderhook - The site contains both the former president's grave and the home he lived in until he died in 1862. Close to the site are nature trails lined with streams, fields, and a Catskills view. 

  • Jack Shainman Gallery: The School - 25 Broad St, Kinderhook - This 30,000 square-foot gallery has large, rotating exhibitions from many world-class contemporary artists. 

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