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Ulster County 


Accord is a 3.4 square mile hamlet in Ulster County with a population of 562 people. Accord is part of the Town of Rochester (not to be confused with the City of Rochester).


Originally the hamlet went by the name Port Jackson, and the story goes that the townspeople petitioned for a new name, and the authorities could not come to an accord about the new name. So they decided to go with “Accord,” and it seems to have turned out just fine.


Living in Accord offers the suburban rural feel in the Hudson Valley with above-average public schools.

Points of Interest 

  • Saunderskill Farms - 5100 Route 209, Accord, NY – Saunderskill is a family-owned farm market that features fresh local and homegrown produce.

  • Arrowhead Farms Brewery - 236 Lower Whitfield Rd, Accord, NY – Arrowhead offers excellent beer and food in a cool, unique atmosphere.



Hurley is a hamlet in the Town of Hurley that is 5.5 square miles with 3,458 people. Most of the hamlet is part of the Hurley Historic District – a National Historic Landmark.


The historic district includes many early Hudson Valley Dutch-style stone houses, and once a year on July 2nd, the Hurley Reformed Church organizes Stone House Day – which is when all private homes open for the public.


Hurley is considered one of the best, if not the best place to live in Ulster county due to its public schools, restaurants, shops, and nightlife.


Points of Interest 

  • Hurley Mountain Inn - 106 Old Rte 209, Hurley, NY – This casual family restaurant and sports bar consist of quality American food and desserts made from scratch.

  • Hurley Heritage Society - 52 Main St, Hurley, NY – A quaint location, rich in history. Lovely 300-year-old homes, headstones from the early 1700s – and the spot George Washington once held receptions.

  • Off the Hook Food Truck -  6 Zandhoek Rd, Hurley, NY – This food truck is quite the famous Hurley spot. They are offering a range of delicious food at a very reasonable price. 



Kingston is a 7.75 square mile town in Ulster county with only 889 people. The original town was settled back in 1611, primarily as a military post. Kingston was the first capital of New York State and is often referred to as the creative capital of the Hudson Valley.


Kingston's city is a very vibrant urban area with an Uptown (Stockade), Midtown, and the Rondout (downtown), while the town is quite large and mostly rural. Living in the town has excellent perks because it is quaint and quiet and only a short drive to the city.

Points of Interest 

  • Kingston Farmers Market - 278 Wall St, Kingston, NY – Great local farms that offer an affordable and tremendous selection of seasonal produce.

  • Stockade Tavern – 313 Fair St, Kingston, NY – The old-school vibe of the Stockade tavern is home to a creative drink and tapas menu.

  • Kingston Rondout Historic District - 11 W Strand St, Kingston, NY – This little waterfront neighborhood is full of historic buildings packed with restaurants and shops.

New Paltz


New Paltz is a small village in Ulster County founded in 1678. The village is about 1.80 square miles in size and boosts a population of 6,818 people.  The village is known for its profound natural beauty and being a vibrant, cultural and historic place. 

New Paltz may be best known around the world for its outdoor attractions. The area offers many trails for bicyclists, hikers, and joggers with some of the greatest views of the Hudson Valley. 

The greater Town of New Paltz is home to twelve amazing wineries and a diverse selection of top tier cuisine. Local and sustainable is the towns way of life. 

Points of Interest 

  • Historic Huguenot Street - 81 Huguenot St, New Paltz, NY - The seven stone houses along the 10-acre stretch of this National Landmark Historic District were built in the early 18th century by Huguenot settlers - the first settlers of New Paltz. 

  • Robibero Family Vineyards - 714 Albany Post Rd, New Paltz, NY - Family owned and operated is the Robibero Vineyards. Award-winning wines come from this 42-acre property nestled within the stunning Shawangunk Ridge. 

  • DM Weil Gallery - 208 Bruynswick Rd, New Paltz, NY - One of the largest modern art galleries in New York's Hudson Valley. 

new paltz.jpg


Saugerties is a village on the Hudson River's west bank in the easter part of the Town of Saugerties. The area is 2.26 square miles and boasts a population of 3,971 people.


During the American Revolutionary War, a British naval squadron anchored at Saugerties in 1777, while burning the Livingston estates of Clermont and Belvedere across the river. The village was incorporated in 1831 as "Ulster" until it changed its name to "Saugerties" in 1855.


Saugerties is full of history yet relatively modern with farm-to-table dining, art galleries, restaurants, boutique shops, and more. You will find a mix of high-end properties and affordable homes, plenty of which feature a mountain or water view. Saugerties was ranked in the top 10 by Budget Travel Magazine as one of the "10 Coolest Small towns in America".


Points of Interest 

  • Dubois-Kierstede Stone House - 119 Main St, Saugerties, NY – One of the many historic stone building in Saugerties. The house was built in 1727 and is currently the home of the Saugerties Historical Society.

  • Opus 40 – Walk through a park-like setting and observe the life work of a single artist who created a slate sculpture covering acres.

  • Saugerties Lighthouse – 168 Lighthouse Dr, Saugerties, NY - This gorgeous lighthouse sits on the Hudson River north of Saugerties.

Stone Ridge


Stone Ridge is a historic 5.2 square mile hamlet in Ulster county with a population of 1,173 people. Stone Ridge is within the Town of Marbletown, amidst the Catskill and Shawangunk Mountains.


The town has a distinctive character with antique shops, orchards, farms, restaurants, hiking trails, and more. The Main Street Historic District, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, has not altered since the early 1900s. The district features famous stone houses such as the Hasbrouck House and the 1767 Cornelius Wynkoop Stone House.


Stone Ridge has been a popular place to escape the city for decades and offers residents a modern yet rural scene.

Points of Interest 

  • Hasbrouck House - 3805 Main St, Stone Ridge, NY – The Hasbrouck House is the perfect escape from life. The House has food and drinks and is a beautiful setting for hosting events. 

  • Applestone Meat Co - 3607 Main St, Stone Ridge, NY – A whole animal butcher shop open 24/7. The trusted source for meat – beef, pork, and lamb with no hormones or antibiotics. 

  • Stone Ridge Orchard - 3012 E State Route 213, Stone Ridge, NY – Endless apple trees! The orchard grows the highest quality fruits for you to pick and purchase. 

stone ridge.jpg


Woodstock is a 68 square mile town in Ulster County with a total population of 5,884 people. The town's first settler came around 1770, and the town of Woodstock was established in 1787. During the 1800s, Woodstock was the host of many Hudson River School painters, and in 1902 the arts and crafts movement arrived.


The town has forever been a mecca for musicians, artists, and writers. The peace, love, and music atmosphere has been a large part of the towns history and is what continues to draw artists and musicians from all over the world.


A walk down Woodstock's main drag, Tinker Street, will show off the diverse selection of food, artisan shops, vibrant boutiques, and entertainment that Woodstock has to offer.

Points of Interest 

  • The Golden Notebook - 29 Tinker St, Woodstock, NY - This iconic indie bookstore is a community hub for gatherings, literature events, or to catch up with some friends.

  • Levon Helm Studios - 160 Plochmann Ln, Woodstock, NY - Formerly owned and run by the late Levon Helm, drummer for The Band, Levon is now managed by his daughter, musician Amy Helm. Come to the barn-like studio for all your musical desires. 

  • Overlook Mountain - Overlook Mountain Woodstock - The overlook is a 10-minute drive from town. Enjoy a 2-mile hike on an easily traversable gravel trail that ends with the Catskill Mountains stunning panorama. 

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