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From Madison Avenue’s haute couture to the punk grunge of the Lower East Side, from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge, from Wall Street to 42nd Street, from the clean lines of modern Chelsea to Upper West Side brownstones, New York’s diverse landscape pulsates with the energy of myriad cultures existing side by side.


Whether you call Uptown, Midtown or Downtown home, New York offers a life like no other. Incredible professional opportunities, the finest in cultural institutions and events and nightlife that is beyond compare, the city offers experiences unlike any other.


Although the move to New York can appear daunting at first, the many benefits of city residency are easily accessible after settling and you will find that your various needs can be met quickly and comfortably. Whether you’re looking for a bakery, dry-cleaners, a good school, a convenient health club or fresh produce you will find that all are available at your fingertips, frequently within a few blocks.


Though life in the city may have its ups and downs, most agree that once you begin your love affair with New York, you will join the many others who have found this city to be a place worth calling “Home".

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