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My Favorite Room: Patrick Lilly

My Favorite Room’ takes a look at our favorite people’s most cherished places and spaces. Featuring a mixture of hotspots and hidden gems, we hope to remind just how special one room can really be.

A connoisseur of all types of residential sales – from apartments to townhouses to condos – it’s a pleasant surprise to find Patrick Lilly’s favorite room outside of the city.

What is your favorite room? The kitchen in my house upstate (Lapla, NY).

Why is it your favorite room? Growing up, my grandmother’s kitchen in Anderson, South Carolina was all about family, love, and good southern cooking. I have so many fond memories from that room and my kitchen has the same distinct feel minus the southern cooking.

What do you like to do most in this room? Cook and enjoy meals with friends. And for some strange reason I prefer to wash the dishes by hand when I’m upstate.

What is one unique or distinctive feature from this room? My love of ceramics and wood.

In one word, how would you describe this room? Soulful.

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